‘Would she have done the same for me?’

When Luka was eleven-years-old, his mother gave birth to the baby girl she’d always wanted. After that, no matter how much his mum told him she loved him, Luka was convinced she loved his sister more. When Luka’s sister was four, his mother made the ultimate sacrifice and gave her life in a useless attempt to protect her daughter. Luka is wracked with grief and haunted by the question, ‘Would she have done the same for me?’

In the days after the bomb blast that tore Luka’s mum and sister away, Luka’s family begins to fall apart. His dad retreats to his bedroom, his brother slips into vigilante mode, and his uncle tries to rescue them all, when all they really want is to be left alone. Luka, who has always been a peacemaker, tries desperately to hold what’s left of his family together, but finds he’s teetering on the edge himself, struggling to do much more than keep his own demons of guilt and rage under control.

Luka is a story about men and boys, how they cope with grief and anger when the emotional glue of women is no longer there to support them. It’s a story of pulling the pieces back together when it seems there are no pieces left to find. Ultimately it’s about acceptance, forgiveness, and the realisation that life isn’t always about getting the answers that you think you need.

Midwife Wisdom Mother Love Book Cover by Sarah James

What Sarah Says

I was one of these women who was desperate for a daughter. I came from a family of all girls, was very close to my mother and so just expected to have daughters. But instead boy after boy arrived and they were beautiful and I adored them and I wouldn’t have swapped them for all of the girls in the world. They made me laugh, they made me see the world in a different way, but still, underneath, there was this hankering for a little girl.

It made me wonder what it would be like if you were a boy and you knew that your mother desperately wanted a daughter. What if you were the little boy who was meant to be a girl? And then worse still, what if your mother finally had the daughter she’d always wanted? Where would that leave you? Would it mean that you were always less loved?

That was where Luka started, in the beautiful hearts of my three baby boys.

What the Reviewers Said

Luka is an ordinary teenage boy in many ways, but the tragedy that befalls his family is anything but ordinary. Luka is a heartbreaking story that only an experienced and talented writer could pull off, but fortunately we are in good hands here with Sarah James. Sarah's talent and skill allows the reader to gently sink into Luka's world and walk with him on his painful journey towards healing, while also healing ourselves at the same time.

Though Luka is a teenager, his story and his needs are universal and will relate to readers of all ages and from all walks of life. Sarah forces us to ask certain questions of ourselves and the world we live in, but she never preaches or condemns, allowing us to find the answers for ourselves.

Luka is a rare gem and confirms the arrival of a major Australian writing talent. I can't recommend Luka highly enough.

Reader’s Comments

Honestly one of my all time favourite books. Both thrilling and touching - a must read!

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