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Midwife Wisdom Mother Love Book by Sarah James

In an age when many mothers-to-be have never even held a baby, Midwife Wisdom, Mother Love provides an understanding and practical guide. It is an authoritative, candid and often fun account of child birth – from pregnancy through to labour (and what to expect afterwards), which unlocks the mystery surrounding birth and provides answers for the most concerned parent-to-be.

Midwife Wisdom Mother Love Book Cover by Sarah James

What Sarah Says

When I was pregnant and having my first baby, even though I was a midwife and had delivered hundreds of babies, I needed someone to hold my hand. Someone to walk along the path right next to me and tell me everything was going to be perfectly fine. Someone who’d done it all before, someone who knew exactly what they were talking about. That was when the idea for Midwife Wisdom, Mother Love was birthed.

I wanted the book to be like sitting down with your best friend over a long cup of coffee and having a down to earth conversation with her about pregnancy and birth. No secrets, no rules, only honesty. So I guess Midwife Wisdom, Mother Love is the book that I wanted to walk beside me during my pregnancies and my births, the book that I wanted to hold my hand.

What the Reviewers Said

‘Sarah James offers oodles of common sense, practical tips and useful insights in a simple, down-to-earth style. This balanced approach is at once comforting and credible…I warmly invite every woman and every man to open their minds and their hearts to Midwife Wisdom, Mother Love.’

Reader’s Comments

My mother-inlaw gave me your book as a gift when I was pregnant (who I believe you know Corinne Costanzo). After reading your book I was inspired to really engage and be present during the birth of my baby and experience all the feelings that comes with a natural birth. After hearing all the horror stories from everyone,your book was quite refreshing.
My birthing experience was fantastic, I did not require drugs and I could feel everything that was going on. I went into the labour thinking if I can make it to 8cm dilation, then i’ll give the gas ago, however to my surprise and my midwifes, I was 10cm and ready to push. After 2.5hrs I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. My husband also read parts of the book, to prepare and he was completely across what stage we were up to and how things were going.
We were both able to experience skin on skin with our little girl, which was wonderful and very enriching, especially for my husband, who still recalls how he felt, being able to hold Abigail so intimately.
Thanks for the inspiration and the reality check on birthing.

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Midwife Wisdom Mother Love Book Cover by Sarah James 

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