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  • Feeling yummy by Sarah James

    Feeling Yummy

    A few rounds into my husband’s chemo, when he’d lost his hair but still had his eyebrows, when he was feeling like crap but not as crappy as he was eventually going to feel,…

  • Middle of the road health care by Sarah James

    Middle of the Road Health Care

    I didn’t realise until my husband was diagnosed with cancer how strongly my beliefs and opinions sat on the alternative side of the health care system, almost rigidly so. As my husbands diagnosis was…

  • Menfemism by Sarah James

    Menfemism? A new word for feminism?

    I simply assumed I was bringing up feminist children. I’m a feminist, my mother’s a feminist, so my kids are feminists, right? Well, ummm, no. Apparently not. I was sitting out on the deck…

  • Just a Mum by Sarah James

    Just a mother

    When my youngest started high school I was surprised by the upsurge of emotion that pushed through me. I’ve never been one to cry at the school gate or bemoan the quiet, empty house.…