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My mother-inlaw gave me your book as a gift when I was pregnant (who I believe you know Corinne Costanzo). After reading your book I was inspired to really engage and be present during the birth of my baby and experience all the feelings that comes with a natural birth. After hearing all the horror stories from everyone,your book was quite refreshing.
My birthing experience was fantastic, I did not require drugs and I could feel everything that was going on. I went into the labour thinking if I can make it to 8cm dilation, then i’ll give the gas ago, however to my surprise and my midwifes, I was 10cm and ready to push. After 2.5hrs I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. My husband also read parts of the book, to prepare and he was completely across what stage we were up to and how things were going.
We were both able to experience skin on skin with our little girl, which was wonderful and very enriching, especially for my husband, who still recalls how he felt, being able to hold Abigail so intimately.
Thanks for the inspiration and the reality check on birthing.

Love it!

Midwife Wisdom, Mother Love came to me at exactly the right time! I was searching for something that talked about labour & birth and the experience of becoming a new parent and your book was all that and more! It was exactly what I needed to hear and allowed me to express my thoughts with my husband on the type of experience I wanted and where I was coming from and what we could expect. Thank you so much for sharing your story & great wisdom - I laughed and cried and literally could not put the book down. I highly recommend this reference to everyone.

Midwife Wisdom, Mother Love… warm, insightful, respectful… wonderful!Thanks Sarah for sharing your knowledge and experiences of pregnancy, birthing and the early phases of motherhood. I love that this book informs and educates without judgement… highlighting that every journey into motherhood is unique. I was so happy to find a pregnancy book that went deeper in providing medical information about the whole process, while still being understandable for those of us without medical backgrounds. Better still this was backed up with real life stories and personal experience. The informative text balanced with the personal stories allowed the reader to be educated whilst being entertained. Once I started, I couldn’t put the book down. It reminded me of the comfort and warmth you feel when sitting with a good friend having a chat over tea on the back verandah. Thanks again, Looking forward to reading more…
With warmth

Just to say thank you, I received my book through the mail this week.
I purchased my original copy of your book when I was pregnant and our daughter Edie is now approaching her 2nd birthday.
Of course I had done my required pregnancy reading, but my husband had not….. He actually started reading it the night before my waters broke unexpectedly 2 weeks early and he was still thumbing through it in the delivery suite!! Having said that though, there wasn’t much time for reading in the delivery suite. My labour was so easy, quick, trouble- and drug-free: all over and done with in about 2 hours. I really do attribute my relaxed labour state to Midwife Wisdom, Mother Love!
Jason and I both found your book so approachable and such an easy and pleasurable read. As a result I’ve bought your book for each of my many pregnant friends as gifts and we all love and appreciate your advice.

I absolutely loved getting to know your beautiful family Sarah. It sounds like you are enjoying a wonderful, busy and contented life. Thanks for sharing it!

Oh if only I had read “Midwife Wisdom, Mother Love” before having my babies. It was definitely the book I wanted to read, such an apt title. Sarah, your humour, honesty and above all your generosity in sharing your experiences of birth and beyond made for captivating and informative reading. I especially appreciated the little insights into your relationships and day to day life with Pete and each of the children as another sibling was preparing to bless your family with their presence. Thanks for keeping it real, this book is a joy.

Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. Cheers!

Fantastic Sarah!! This book is a MUST for all women (and men) who are expecting a baby. I started reading it in preparation for my pregnancy (not pregnant yet) and couldn’t put it down!! Reading about your 4 birth experiences really helped me to be more relaxed about my birthing options. I can’t wait to read it again when I’m pregnant!!

When I was visiting my daughter, Tiffaney in Queensland recently she introduced me to her friend, you, Sarah. We had a wonderful day together on your farm. It was a joy to meet you and your children. I have read your book loved it, passing it on to others and highly recommend it for midwives, doctors, parents, grandparents, parents to be, in fact everyone as birth and human rights is relevant to us all.
I was very fortunate to have had the support of wonderful midwives for the birth of 2 of my children at home. My first born with one of the first gentle-style ‘Leboyer’ births in a Melbourne hospital. I feel very strongly about the ongoing access to professional, wise and loving midwife support for women and families who choose the homebirth option.
Sarah, thank you for your courage, honesty, tenderness and love expressed in your journey, your book. I look forward to reading your next book too!
Love and blessings to you, Pete, Jack, Noah, Kai and Poppy

I read Midwife Wisdom, Mother Love from cover to cover in a matter of days before I gave birth to my first child. The writing was relaxed and made for easy reading, answering questions and putting my mind at rest about many smaller details that so many professionals forget to share with you - it was almost as though I was having a conversation with you.
Many thanks and Best Wishes

Dearest Sarah,
I have just finished reading your amazing book, and I have to say it was such a journey to take with you and of course Pete, and your four beautiful children, and I didn’t want it to end. Your writing is incredible and I often felt as if I was like a fly on the wall watching you go through your births of your little bubs. A lot of the experiences that you had really resinated with me on such a deep level.
The love,caring, humour, empathy, information and knowing really shown through for me, and I feel even though Glenn and I have had our children, and we have no intention to have anymore, this was a very empowering and informative read that made me feel so strong and proud of what I/we have accomplished. I have learnt so much through reading your book, and now feel as though I know so much about you, and your life, and your special family.
Thank you for sharing so much of yourself and I wish you every happiness and success in life.
Love, laughter and smiles to you and your family!
Love Tiffaney.
P.S I will be passing your book onto others, and am sure it will touch them too, in a very special, intimate and inspiring way, as it did for me.

Hello, i am a midwife from Germany and i am looking around in worldwide midwifes websites. Yours is very pretty. Soon my full website is online. I hope you will visit me too and leave a short message.
Good luck and success for you.

Oh Dear Sarah!
What a fantastic experience is Midwife Wisdom, Mother Love!!!
I know it was published just as Mahalo was waiting to make his entrance into the world… 18 days overdue! and I did not read it then… Now he is 3!!! and I have thoroughly enjoyed every word!
It was a powerful and healing experience for me.. I have humbly realised that I too, am a living legend.. this birthing process is totally awesome.. and every word you shared spoke to the very core of me…
I cried from the beginning to end.. happy, wow tears of awe!
Give this book to your daughters.. your best friends.. and your sons!
This book comes from the heart.. a deeply spiritual journey of the wonders of birthing… honestly and informatively.
Thank you so much.
Blessings of Infinite Bliss

I thought Midwife Wisdom, Mother Love was awesome. I thought is was informative, inspiring and empowering. It also confirmed that I did not have a normal birth with my son! And that I have been totally on track in the last year dealing with those feelings and moving on so I can look forward to having another child.

THANK-YOU SOOO much Sarah & Pete. I loved your book. The only disappointing thing was that I had finished it in 2 nights. I couldn’t put it down, and when I did finish your book I was crying (happy & probably hormonal tears!) I am 27 weeks with my 1st pregnancy. Your book has enlightened me in a way in which it helped me realise that pregnancy & birth CAN be spiritual event. I had images of giving birth under the bright lights of the operating theatre with at least half a dozen medical professionals (junior drs. ect) and the echoing noise of utensils. I am a registered nurse & work in the surgical field. Many of my friends, family and fellow nurses enjoy telling me the ‘horror’ stories of child birth- I have learnt to put on the fake smile or simply walk away. Since reading your book I have realised the beauty of childbirth & I am no way a scared as I was (it is hard to see your belly get bigger & not wonder just how hard it is going to be to get it out!). Two of my best friends are also pregnant, we are all due within weeks of each other and have gained knowledge and strength from each other. I will be purchasing a book for each of them to read and to be enlightened also. Thank-You again for sharing your beautiful experiences.

I started reading your book last night when I couldn’t get to sleep because of major heartburn and just finished it this morning. It was just fabulous and I would have to say it is the most informative and down to earth book that I have read about birthing. I am 7 weeks (fingers crossed!) off having baby number 4, and your book has excited me again about our new baby being born. I am still a bit scared (transition still floods back to me every now and then from the delivery of our 3rd child!), but I know I can do it and am excited by the prospect. Thank you for sharing your wonderful stories of your children's birthdays. I had tears streaming down my face with each of them, they were so powerful and inspiring.
Congratulations on a sensational book. I will definitely be recommending it to anyone that will listen and you have inspired me, not only for my own births but to follow my heart and change from nursing studies to midwifery.
Thanks once again!

Thanks for a great read. I am now 32 weeks with my first and this was the best book I have read on pregnancy and birth so far. Reading about your own 4 Labour experiences was both moving and enlightening - I am very grateful you have shared your experiences us. Thank you.

One of the best realistic pregnancy books i have read. with the humor and no nonsesne writing it really makes for a great read!!!! i will be passing it on to all i know!!!! GREAT JOB!!!!!

Thanks for writing ‘Midwife Wisdom, Mother Love’ It has the perfect blend of knowledge and wisdom (from experience!). I found the birth of my first child to be not what I expected (to say the least) - reading your book has opened my eyes to the fact that the next experience can be different. Reading the book is like having a best friend who’s a midwife - comforting, easy. I also really enjoyed reading about your personal birth experiences. Thanks again - get cracking on the next one - I can’t wait to read it.

I have read ‘Midwife Wisdom, Mother Love’ cover to cover - an excellent read! I am sure it was written specifically with me in mind! What a wonderful combination of common sense and personal experience delivered with such ‘true’ warmth and honesty (quite rare these days!) Both my mum (who used to be a midwife) and I could not put it down. Mum said all the wonderful memories came flooding back. In fact your book bought a tear to both of us! My husband is still wrapped up in his thriller (as you mentioned most husbands are), however he will read it in time.
All the best

I have read your book - devoured it would be a more accurate description, i just couldn’t put it down. In these last days of my pregnancy I found it tremendously comforting and rewarding. Not only insightful but very open, gentle and informative. You are a very talented writer whose voice lifts clearly from the page and from your heart to speak to the hearts of your readers. Congratulations and thanks.

I feel after the many books I have read on pregnancy, birth and babies over the last eighteen years I can honestly say yours is the best ever. I really have savoured every word. I absolutely loved your book Sarah. I admired your very honest, very practical and down to earth approach on addressing the many issues, while keeping it personal and very reassuring. It makes it so easy to read. Unlike the many books which just deal with the development of the baby and the mum’s body changes, by sharing your story you certainly covered a more realistic approach to the huge range of emotional events and situations that parents are faced with. By expressing your personal feelings and beliefs of the big picture on becoming a parent it has made it more real. Your book has also encouraged me to discuss lots of scenarios with my partner about what both our needs may be. By doing this I hope we will be able to work together more as a team (even though I am still scared he might pass out!) I know this book will be invaluable to all parents, reading it will enlighten the many unthought/thought of worries in their minds, as it has done for me.
Thanks again for a great read.

I just wanted to let you know that I read your book and really enjoyed it. My sister also bought it and she is enjoying it as well.
Congratulations you did a great job. I have recommended your book to many of
my friends.
Best Wishes

Your book was wonderful. VERY good. Easy to read.

Just to say how much I enjoyed the book. Congratulations on a little gem, I’m sure it will be one for the bedside of every pregnant woman, my copy is being passed on to my masseuse. Melissa finds herself pregnant again after
an 11 year gap, and said she knows there’ll be many changes since her first confinement.
I know she’ll appreciate your wisdom, warmth and honesty. I so admire you
on all scores.

I wanted to write and let you know how much I loved your book!! Your book was easy to read and informative without being textbookish and it flowed well. The anecdotes from people that have crossed your path made it more ‘real’. The stories of your own births, especially because they were so different from each other, really made the whole thing hit home. I haven’t come across any other book that describes birth so openly and honestly (ie it will be painful!)
The fact that you acknowledge that not everyone will be able to have a natural birth and that that is ok (you didn’t fail, you still have a beautiful baby, no
matter how it made into the world) is also really important. I have spoken to quite a few people who read all the Active Birth etc books and when they couldn’t give birth that way, felt like they had failed. Another part that I thought was really good was where you address the ’support people’. I read that bit out loud to Geoff, as well as Jack’s birth. He looked a bit pale after that (!) but I think it inspired him to try and read the whole book. So as you can probably tell I really loved it!! Best wishes and good luck -I’m sure it will be a bestseller!!

A great read and I will be passing on your
book to everone it is really inspiring !!!

Congratulations, Sarah, for writing such a readable,informative and loving book. Every midwife, like myself, wishes she had been able to do the same. But your unique experiences of motherhood plus your wonderful humour have created a gem! I will be recommending it to the couples in my antenatal classes. I wish you every success as an author and in life.